How To Ensure Your Children Play Games Online Safely

We’ve spent more time at home in the past year or so than ever before, and as a result, children are likely to be spending more time online. Playing games online games can be a great way for them to keep busy and stay in touch with friends and family but it’s important that children play safely.

It’s a great way for young people to relax, socialise with their friends and have fun. These games can be played on consoles, apps or websites, mobiles, tablets, PCs, or through smart speakers and virtual reality headsets. They can also chat to other players using messaging platforms for gamers, or watch livestreams of well-known gamers.

There are many benefits for children playing games online; it enhances their social skills, allows them to learn about technology in an interactive way, encourages creativity and imagination and gives them the freedom to explore their own interests while often playing with others. However, with the increasing use of the internet and games consoles, children need to be aware of the risks that come with playing games online.

Here are some ways to ensure your children play games online safely.

Be aware of what your child is playing

It’s important to only allow your child to play age-appropriate games, so I’d advise checking the age recommendation beforehand and ensure you are strict about it. Many games designed for ages 16+ have violence, swearing and much worse, so I’m sure you don’t want your younger ones to lose their innocence that early.

Use parental controls and disable chat features

Depending on the age of your children, you can remove the ability for them to be able to chat on the video console. Sadly, you never know exactly who is playing these games and the last thing you want is for your children to be interacting with strangers.

You can get parental controls or specific parental software to prevent your child accidentally clicking on anything.

Encourage playing on safe websites without downloads

Solitaire.Org is a great site as it has hundreds of free games to play on their website without any downloads, ads and chats! There’s no need to sign up for anything, either, so you can be sure your child is playing online without having to worry.

We really enjoy playing Solitaire, but there are so many more games to choose from such as a hidden objects games. One in particular we play is Garden Secrets Hidden Objects. It’s great for getting your little ones involved. It gives you some truly mindless fun, while playing with and entertaining them too.

Get involved & be present

Talk to your child about staying safe online. Take an interest in the games they’re playing and see if you can play them together once you have agreed which ones are age-appropriate for them. If you’re going to set limits on the amount of time a child can spend playing games, make sure these are clear and that you agree them together.

Don’t let your young kids sit in a room playing games unless you know for sure that they are safe. The most important thing, is to be present and enjoy playing with them.. Some of these games are great fun!

Do you have any other top tips to ensure your children play games online safely?

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