How To Keep Your Loft Conversion Cool This Summer

I have dreamed of a loft conversion for a long time, so now that I get to experience one, I am more than excited – except that I am worried about how the space will heat up in the Summer. I’ve spent time looking into ways to keep my loft conversion cool so that I can enjoy the space to the fullest all year round and thought I would share that advice with anybody else who is worried. Here’s how to keep your loft conversion cool this Summer.

Decorate with light furnishings

Dark furnishings might look classy and sleek, but when it comes to the Summer, they are a nightmare for absorbing UV rays, causing things to get discoloured and damaged, as well as your living space warming up overall. Using light furnishings mean a consistently cool space, as well as a lighter and fresher feel overall.

Make use of black out blinds

It might seem counterproductive to get a gorgeous loft conversion with beautiful large windows and then put black out blinds up, but at the hottest points of the year this might be the best way to keep yourself cool. Black out blinds work by reflecting the sun, which means that the UV rays cannot penetrate and move further than your windows. This leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable in a nice and cool room – which is particularly useful if you are using your loft space for a hobby or storage where a consistent temperature is key.

Keep the space well ventilated

One of the best things about a gorgeous loft conversion is that you have the ability to add lots of windows, which are great for letting the light into your space and keeping it feeling fresh and airy. If you have windows on opposite ends of your room, opening both of them at the same time will create a channel of air, which is a really useful way to ensure that the room stays consistently cooler on those days where there is a Summer breeze flowing outside.

Install an air conditioning unit

The easiest way to control the temperature in any given space is simply to install an air conditioning unit. Not only is this useful all year round, giving you the ability to cool things down through the Summer but keep things toasty when the nights start to grow darker, but air conditioning units are also useful for improving the air quality in your living space.

Ensure your insulation is intact

Insulation is usually connected with keeping something warm, so it might not be the first place you think to look when you are trying ways to keep your loft space cooler. In actual fact, insulation is about preserving the temperature as well as the integrity of a space, ensuring that your room does not have any weak spots where it could fall victim to the elements. If you find you are battling with the temperature in your converted loft space, contact an insulation specialist to confirm that everything is as it should be.

Have you got a loft conversion in your home? How do you keep the temperature cool through the Summer? Share your advice in the comments below.

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