The Reasons Behind Work Anxiety

The source of your anxiety may be due to the actual workplace, however, there may possibly be other reasons besides work and general stress. According to a study done in 2015 with 129 men and women, it was found that anxiety and depression was greatly due to stress at home as well as job insecurity. 

We will now look at some of the possible causes of your anxiety at work. 

Higher workloads

It is no secret that stress and anxiety come together and higher workloads may be to blame. When you have a higher workload, you’ll likely feel a great deal of panic, as though you’re incompetent and even overwhelmed. This happens out of fear that you won’t be able to complete all of the work you’ve been given. 

Problems with colleagues

It is definitely not fun to argue with others. So, if you have arguments or disagreements with your coworkers, then you’ll likely feel some anxiety whenever you need to go to work. This can cause you to feel worried about your future at work, fears that coworkers are talking about you, potential arguments in the future etc. 


Most people want to excel at their job and therefore, performance reviews often cause anxiety. This is extremely common and this includes fears of being told that you’re doing a bad job or that you are fired. 

Safety Concerns

For some, Murphy’s Law hangs over them as a constant worry. Nobody wants to suffer an accident that could leave them permanently changed. So when it feels like management is ignoring safety concerns, such as lack of health and safety signage, this can cause bouts of anxiety. Some people have anxiety from a previous event that has occurred and knowing that the building they work in has a good security system may help rest their minds (you can find more security info here.)

Problems in relationships

When you have relationship issues, it can be very challenging to stop stressing about these problems, even at work. This can cause you to feel a lack of focus and it will even reduce the quality of your work simply because you’re so distracted. 


In the event that you’re in debt and have money problems, then you will naturally have a great deal of anxiety with respect to your job. You may be afraid that you won’t be able to clear your debts or that you may lose your job. 

Anxiety disorder

There are many people who have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. One of the most common ones is work anxiety. It is a good idea to try to reduce stress in order to keep work anxiety at bay.

In most cases, anxiety is usually increased by problems at work and may cause you to feel even more fearful that you’ll get fired or even become paranoid that your boss and coworkers hate you or that your work performance is lacking.

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