The Top 5 Vintage Thrift Shops In London

If there is one thing drawing people towards the bright lights of London, it’s the shopping – and what’s better (for the environment and your bank balance) than thrift shops? 

We have scoured TripAdvisor to find the top 5 vintage thrift shop outlets in London, so you can get your thrifting fix – without having to have a last-minute panic on Google Maps.  

  1. Beyond Retro


With our first entry, the name simply says it all. Situated in Dalson, Soho and Brick Lane, the store not only comes with its own fashion label, but also an on-site coffee shop. What’s better than sitting down with a hot chocolate and a cake, after a hard day of lusting over vintage denim?

  1. Cabbages and Frocks


If you’re looking for something quirkier, head on over to Marylebone and try out this hidden gem. Equipped with a stunning array of vintage fare, from jewellery to clothing, to artwork or a locket, this thrifty market is the ideal place to wander if you like a little bit of everything. 

  1. Camden Market


Less of a secret, but a great place to explore for exciting vintage finds will always be Camden Market. You may need to set aside a whole day for this one, as there are hundreds of market stalls and indoor shops to choose from, and you never know what you might find. Once you have found the perfect retro jacket, why not sit down for a vegan hot dog and a pint? Sign us up!

  1. Serotonin Vintage 


Feeling boujie and ready to splash some cash? Look no further than Serotonin Vintage, situated on Brick Lane. If the name alone isn’t enough to draw you in (as serotonin is definitely in short supply in the UK right now) then what about its rails of opulent, designer gear? From secondhand Dolce and Gabbana to iconic Jean Paul Gaultier T-shirts, there is something for everyone at this thrift shop.

  1. Paper Dress Vintage


Finally, we have a truly unmissable vintage shop, in the form of Paper Dress. The perfect place to head to if your tastes go back as far as the 1920s, allowing you to live your flapper girl fantasy with ease. The store also stocks pieces up to the 80s era and, in the evening, transforms into a stylish, bespoke music and cocktail bar. 

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