10 Simple Self Care Activities

Many people want to take better care of themselves. They want to find a better balance between their work and life and taking some time out to refocus on things is a great way to do that. Our mental and physical wellbeing is so important and we need to devote time to it. Let’s look at some simple self care activities you can enjoy this weekend.

1. Put Your Phone In A Drawer

Firstly, one of the best and most effective self care activities is to simply switch your phone off and put it in a drawer. Leave it there. Forget about it. Disconnect from being a slave to your social media. We spend so much of our time scrolling through stuff we don’t even remember. Think about what you could do with that time instead.

2. Take A Bath

Secondly, washing those worries away can be a therapeutic thing to do. Run a hot bath, fill it with bubble bath or bath salts and light a few candles. Draw the curtains, play some music and truly relax.

3. Reconnect With Nature

Next on our list of simple self care activities is reconnecting with nature. Nature is healing. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immersing yourself in nature is incredible therapy. Go hug a tree!

4. Go For A Run

Release some endorphins and work on your physical health by going for a run. The wind in your hair, your heart beating through your chest and the feeling once you’ve completed a mile or two is brilliant. You don’t have to be the next Olympic athlete to enjoy the benefits of exercise.

5. Playing Online Games

One of my favourite ways to take a break is by playing online games. This might sound a bit off the wall, but online games are actually a really great way to switch off, take your mind off work and life and to help reduce stress. They can help focus your mind and stop you thinking about the things you need to do.

I particularly enjoy playing Coffee Shop; a simulation game where players adjust game settings to earn as much as they can from running a coffee shop in 14 days. Each day, you buy your ingredients, adjust the recipe and set the price.

There are so many money games to chose from on Mortgage Calculator, and they are great for keeping your kids entertained while you are indulging in another form of self care.

Simple things like paying online games definitely helps me relax as I enjoy playing them. I love that you get to really feel running and managing your own coffee business virtually! 

6. Join A Class

Make a few new friends and start learning something you’ve always wanted to. It could be anything from yoga to a different language. Making the time to work on yourself is something we rarely do.

7. Read A Book

Losing yourself in a book does wonders for your imagination. Furthermore, many of us have wish lists of novels which are as tall as a house. When are you actually going to read them? Immerse yourself in wonderful writing, beautiful characters and plot twists you never saw coming.

8. Stretch

Stretching is good for you. We should all be doing it. It helps with keeping muscles healthy, strong and flexible. Strengthen helps maintain motion in our joints. With more of us sat in the same position at a desk than ever below, our bodies need to stretch. Spend some mindful time stretching as part of your self care activities.

9. Cook A Nutritious Meal

Some people look at cooking as a hassle, a chore. Others can find it therapeutic. Bringing ingredients together to create something delicious. What’s even better is that once you have cooked it, you can enjoy eating it!

10. Have An Early Night

When was the last time you had an early night? So many of us burn the candle at both ends and our bodies know it. We feel it in our minds too. How do you fancy waking up refreshed for once? An early night is a wonderful way to use your time.

In conclusion, these are just ten simple self care activities which can be put into place today. There are lots of other things you can do to boost your overall wellbeing. Finally, focus on your self care and you’ll be glad you did.

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