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5 Places To Sell Your Clutter & Make Money Online

Since the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak a lot of people are struggling for money. Myself included, so I am using this time to declutter and make money online whilst I am at home.

Whether you want to boost your income, add to your savings or are simply looking for something to do while in isolation, here are 5 places you can sell your clutter and make money online.

After all, aside from making some money, decluttering is also a great way of reducing your stress levels.

1. eBay

This one may seem obvious, but bear with me. I would start by listing my items on ebay, as it’s the largest selling platform and therefore already has a huge audience that may be interested in your wares.

Though listing items is such a mundane process, my top tip would be to list similar items together to make the whole process quicker. For example, if you have 5 dresses to sell and 2 jackets, list all the dresses first. Once the first listing is up, go back to that listing and click on ‘sell similar’ and then list another dress. Some of the fields will be automatically filled out for you which is such a time saver.

If you want to be even speedier, if 3 out of your 5 dresses are from Topshop, list those together first and the ‘brand’ section will already be filled out for you. Time is money, and when you’re listing a ton of items, you’ll find it saves a lot of time.

2. Depop

Depop is an app that’s designed to look like instagram but act like eBay; making it really easy to use. It’s the place to sell beauty and fashion items, but certainly has it’s pros and cons. If you have the time, you can list items on multiple platforms and then remove them from the others once sold somewhere.

Pros – you can sell used makeup on Depop unlike on eBay. If you have a large social media following, they’re more likely to shop on your Depop.

Cons – Depop customers are notorious for being cheapskates. Prepare to get annoyed at every DM you receive as they’ll all be asking for discounts/swaps. Stand your ground though!

3. Nextdoor app

This app is like a facebook group for all your neighbours and those in your surrounding areas. It’s a great app to offer your services, look for local tradespeople, be part of the neighbourhood watch and even for selling/giving away items for free!

I have sold furniture in particular on there as it’s easier for somebody local to come and collect. Aside from that, I’ve also sold beauty products, clothing kitchenware etc. People sell all sorts on there, including cigarettes and alcohol; two things you aren’t legally allowed to sell online.

It’s similar to Gumtree (if that still even exists!?); it’s not regulated and there are no fees to pay. You just have to be wary of who you’re meeting and be safe.

4. Instagram

If you have a large following on instagram, selling items on there can be very lucrative. You skip the fees and just ask people to pay by Paypal. I sell a lot of used beauty products, clothing and camera equipment (including a camera) on there!

5. Facebook marketplace or groups

Facebook marketplace is one I haven’t used yet, but groups are great. You can join specific groups for selling baby clothes/items, plus size clothing, makeup only etc! It’s definitely one to check out especially if you have niche items to sell.

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In case you wondered, post offices and hermes parcel shops are still open during this time, so if you’re well enough to go out in public, get selling and posting! I mean, as we’re all stuck inside for the foreseeable future, why not declutter your home and make some money online in the process?

And if you make enough money, you can even treat yourself to a bottle of personalised Champagne to celebrate!

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