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5 Ways You Can Make Money Online With Fiverr

Making money online can be a daunting experience if you don’t know where to start, but Fiverr makes it really easy.

They provide a platform for almost anyone to offer their personal services and skills to other people. It’s free to join and there are over 200 categories to choose from!

Here are more than 5 services that you can offer on their platform to make money online.

1. Blog Post / Freelance Content Writing

If you already have a blog or simply have any experience of writing at all then this could be an easy earner. As long as you have a good internet connection (hughesnet internet plans can be good for those living in more remote locations), you’ll be all set!

You just need to be able to type, make use of correct spelling and grammar, and create a service that suits your skills. It can be as small as writing an ‘about me’ page for somebody.

2. Logo / Flyer / Brochure / Infographic / Poster Design

You don’t need a graphic design degree to offer your service for any of these. Logo designs can include anything from complex designs on photoshop or canva to simple hand-drawn pictures. If you’re a creative type and enjoy drawing, this could be a very lucrative niche for you.

3. Social Media Services

If you’ve got any experience of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you could charge to help people/businesses set up their pages.

Some people find social media daunting, and just don’t understand how to use it, so there are plenty of opportunities to earn money by managing their accounts. Whether it’s simply helping them with an advertising campaign, long term management or optimising the pages to help them reach more viewers.

4. SEO Services

In a similar way to social media, if you have any experience in SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, you can most definitely charge for your services. SEO is such a huge part of online success these days but it’s something that is constantly changing, so it can be easy to fall behind the times.

You’d be surprised at how many website owners, be it bloggers or businesses, have no idea what SEO is or how to write it in a way that will help their website be favoured by Google.

5. Virtual Assistant

This is the perfect service to sell on Fiverr, as virtual assistants cover a whole number of services! Anything from answering business emails for busy people, creating PowerPoint presentations, SEO services, collecting data for market research purposes, data entry and even just transcribing meetings for firms.

The services aren’t limited to those listed above – I regularly use a VA to write blog posts for me, respond to emails when I am away or improve old blog posts for SEO purposes.

You don’t need to be an expert in the role but if you can help someone who is busy focussing on other tasks, you’ll add massive value. Many companies out there (especially during the startup days), aren’t looking to hire permanent staff to do various small tasks and this is where you can really benefit as a VA.

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