Designing the perfect nursery

When you are a new parent, one of the most exciting things you can do to prepare is to start to get your baby’s nursery ready. It is often one of the first steps in nesting and is something that most new parents want to get absolutely perfect before the baby arrives. While your baby isn’t going to be aware of its surroundings for a while and there is no rush to get it finished, I have some tips to get you going. Here’s how to design the perfect nursery.

Keep it light and simple

It can be really tempting to go overboard when it comes to decorating a brand new nursery and get all of the matching accessories for everything you buy, but when it comes down to it you often don’t use as much as you think you are going to. Keep the space light and clutter-free as much as possible – you can always go back and buy more if you find that you are missing something that you feel is important.

Uplifting wall art

Using wall art in your nursery decorating is a must in my opinion, for a couple of reasons. Firstly it’s a great way to keep the room bright and inject more of your chosen colour scheme into the decor, which is aesthetically pleasing. But if you choose educational wall art such as the alphabet with pictures next to it, as your child grows older they will begin to recognise the pictures they are seeing every day and this can help them on their learning journey.

Space for you to rest

One of the first things everybody thinks of when it comes to planning a nursery is a place for the baby to sleep – whether you plan on keeping them in with you for the first six months or not – but what often gets overlooked is somewhere for you to rest. There are a couple of places I would recommend. The first would be a comfortable rocking chair for when you are feeding your baby, and the second would be somewhere to sleep nearby for days when they are struggling to take naps without you being near – sometimes sleeping on a nursery floor just for the sake of catching up on some sleep really isn’t worth the crick in the neck! 

Keep everything to hand

When you have a brand new baby the last thing you want to be doing is carrying it back and forth around the house every time you need to look for nappies, and then wipes, and then nappy bags and so on. Make sure your nursery design has storage built into it for everything that you are likely to need so that you never have to travel far to get the job done. Having a new baby is hard enough without making it harder on yourself!

What have you got planned for your nursery? Or if you’ve had a baby, what did you wish you’d had? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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