Love2Laundry: The Dry Cleaning Service For Working Professionals

Love2Laundry is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service that aims to help busy working professionals tackle the cost of living crisis engulfing the UK. 

Founded in 2014, the company was designed to tackle the laundry needs of busy households up and down the country, and has fast grown to become one of the UK’s go-to options for outsourcing laundry and dry cleaning needs. 

Differing from its rivals by offering round the clock service, in-house collection, and a no-strings attached membership service that provides a discount, Love2Laundry is increasing its focus on working professionals who might be too busy or stressed to focus on important practicalities like laundry. 

Founder and CEO Nadeem Abbas, who envisioned the brand as being ‘Uber for laundry,’ stated that he developed initial thoughts about the business after working in the busy, cutthroat corporate world and finding himself with no time to fit in laundry.

“I got the idea when I worked up to 14 hours a day in the corporate sector and did not want to spend precious time washing clothes,” said Abbas, in a 2017 interview with “I wanted to challenge the laundry market with a new on-demand service.”

Fast forward some six years, and Love2Laundry has most definitely made waves in the laundry market, with its user-friendly app, and attractive home collection service. With the cost of living crisis looming, being able to save time and money with a convenient and practical laundry service is even more appealing for working professionals now. The company’s mission statement during its crowdfunding campaign continues to hold true today. 

“Scheduled from our simple app and website: we collect, clean, fold, and return our customers’ laundry – all within 24 hours. Our software automates the entire logistics chain, and it is this efficiency which allows us to stay price competitive,” the team Love2Laundry team revealed. “We work with a simple goal in mind, to make it easy for all Londoners to get their dry-cleaning and laundry done by offering convenient and affordable services.”

Almost 20% of UK adults are unable to meet their basic energy needs, and, with costs continuing to rise, reports suggest many are struggling to keep warm. Love2Laundry is proud to be able to provide an important and practical service that is going to fulfill Britons’ laundry requirements, whilst reducing their energy bills in the process too. 

Not content with capturing a large market share already, Love2Laundry has designs on dominating the UK laundry market, and, as outsourcing by both businesses and individuals continues to rise, the company’s prospects look promising. 

Embracing the perfect combination of technology and service, the Love2Laundry team can be a life-saver for those busy working professionals who don’t have the time to take their piles of laundry to the nearest laundrette, or to wash, dry and iron for hours at home. 

A reliable and affordable laundry service is just what this demographic is crying out for. 

For more information on Love2Laundry’s services and pricing, please visit the company’s website at

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