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One of my favourite and easiest ways to make a bit of extra money with minimal effort is by simply taking photos of your receipts! The majority of us own a smartphone, which is a given and by simply taking a photo of your receipts and uploading them on to an app; Shoppix, you can earn some money or Amazon vouchers for barely doing anything at all. The app I use is called Shoppix, which is a free app. You can download it from the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on android.


Once you take a photo of your receipts and upload them to the app, you are rewarded with tokens. Once you have built up a certain number of tokens, you can then exchange for cash, paid out through PayPal or shopping vouchers for Amazon and various other stores.

Shoppix rewards you 25 tokens per receipt, with 5 bonus tokens if you upload your receipt the same day of purchase. The hardest part is remembering to upload my receipts before midnight each day. I often remember really late in the day, but even if I forget, you still get 25 token for uploading them within a week. Not bad for virtually zero effort!

The stipulation is that all receipts need to be uploaded within a week or purchase, so those crumpled up ones lurking in your drawers from 2019 won’t count I’m afraid!

The number of receipts you have will affect how long it takes to build up your tokens, but it really is as easy as it sounds.

It goes without saying that taking pictures of your receipts is not going to make you rich overnight, but it does add up, particularly if you have a large household and/or lots of regular purchases.


Shoppix accept every official receipt, whether it’s from a big chain store, small shops, supermarkets, restaurants, etc! The receipt just needs to be complete with the store name, purchases, date & transaction total on the receipt and it is good to go.

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They’ve recently started accepting online receipts too, which need to be emailed to them. I haven’t tested this feature out myself yet as it seems like a bit of a faff, but if you have the time and inclination to do so, you can earn even more tokens, faster.

You can even use the receipts of others in the household! The only thing you can’t do is upload the same receipt to your account and your partner’s account for example.

As I mentioned, they won’t accept receipts that are over 7 days old and you can’t earn tokens for uploading more than one receipts from the same store on the same day. So for example, if you do a food shop in Tesco and then purchase something from the pharmacy on the same day, you can only earn tokens for one of those receipts.


3200 tokens = £5

6000 tokens = £10

11,500 tokens = £20

The threshold amounts are all the same, whether you opt for cash via PayPal, or Amazon, iTunes or Love2Shop vouchers.


Every so often you may be offered surveys where you can earn extra tokens and/or a scratchcard where you can win extra tokens as well. So it’s worth checking the app every few days even if you don’t have any new receipts to upload.

I’ve found there will almost always be a survey soon after you upload a supermarket receipt. Completing most of these surveys, which take less than 2 minutes, will earn you an extra 10 tokens and a scratchcard. Often, I win 50 tokens from the scratchcard too.

Not all scratchcards are guaranteed to give you tokens. I’ve had lots that say Boooo! but on the flip side, I’ve had numerous 100 token wins too so it all works out in the end!

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Shopix anonymously collect your data which is used as part of market research. So the owners of the app are paid for the anonymised data, which is how they are able to pay you. No personal data is ever sold to these market research companies, so you don’t have to worry. It’s as simple as that!


Like I said before, it all depends on how many receipts you have, and how many you remember to upload. I try and wait until I hit the £20 payment threshold unless there’s something I desperately want to buy on Amazon. On average, I get about 2 payouts a year, which equates to £40 for pretty much doing nothing. It’s totally worth it for a few extra pennies!

Have you heard of Shoppix?

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