Teaching Your Child to Be A Team Player

Working well in a team will be a large part of what makes your child tick. It will help your child pick up a range of skills through a range of physical activities and classroom-based learning opportunities. With so many options for your child to go through there will be many ways they can explore how best to work in a team, as well as giving them the confidence to work with all sorts of people. Here are some ways you can help your child develop skills to help them work in a team.

Encourage fair play

Playing fair is all we want our children to be able to do. This is why you can help your child experience this through playing with their friends and other siblings, or relatives like cousins. It’s a good opportunity for children to work out what they actively enjoy alongside learning and developing their skills. But it also teaches your child about how to be courteous and let each other take turns. You don’t want to teach your child to hold onto things as it’ll teach them that their opinion is best, when really you should be inviting multiple opinions to help your child understand things better.

Get them communicating

If your child is already happily playing with friends then they will know about how to work well in a team, even inadvertently. This is where your child has to listen to other people and appreciate their opinion on certain areas. Understanding each other’s opinion is really important to helping your child know what they can realistically do in a team.

Teamwork heavily relies on effective communication. If your child can’t do this, then the team can fall apart, have disagreements or fail the task they’ve been given. It’s a collective effort between all of you to ensure that you’re talking and engaging with one another.

Encourage your child to try sports

Sports are almost always team based. It relies on you all offering support, opinions and tactics to get moving and reach the end goal. Sports therefore are often recommended to children and explored in physical education lessons, like the ones on offer at this Pre Prep School in London.

Sports can be both fun and an enjoyable learning experience for kids. You can never go wrong with giving your child the opportunity to try out lots of different sports.

There will of course be a number of ways you can help your child understand the importance of being in a team, and they can all be tailored to your child’s particular needs. Try some of these suggestions and see how you get on with your child.

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